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We want to provide more than just a weeklong mission trip; we want to provide the tools and training to equip your students for a lifetime of missional living. World Changers is a hands-on mission experience, engaging students in meeting the needs of people in communities across North America. Students are able to put their faith into action by serving others and sharing the gospel.

World Changers construction projects are mission trips designed specifically for student ministries eager to serve in the capacity of construction missions. World Changers partners with local city agencies and churches to mobilize volunteers needed to help them serve local residents. Participants spend a week serving on crews with students and adults from other churches—completing assignments ranging from painting and roofing to building handicap ramps—all to improve the quality of life for local residents. The goal of serving extends far beyond meeting physical needs. Students are trained through both the Pre-Project Study and Gospel Engagement on how to share the gospel. The nightly gathering is a time set aside for worship and teaching from World Changers staff.


Since 1990, World Changers has existed to provide meaningful missions experiences for student ministries through North America. We have had the honor of ministering alongside over 400,000 students and adults eager to serve communities through construction and church planting ministry.

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