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Portal Info/Tutorials

Below are all the videos we have created for navigating the WC Portal software. If you have not watched the Full Tutorial video I would suggest watching it first. 

Can't find your Portal Login Information?

Airtable Tutorial

This is a video tutorial put out by Airtable, the software we are using to host our Portal. If you want training on how to use the software this may be helpful. Some of this is talking about how to build items in Airtable, please do not add any elements to the Portal. 

Airtable Guides

This is some more information about how to use the Airtable Software in article format. 

2023 Portal Updates Video

WC Portal Full Tutorial

Participant Information 

This video is all about the Participant Information tab on the portal. 

Vehicle Information 

This video is all about the Vehicles tab on the portal. 

Worksite Information

CCs this talk about how and where to enter all your Crew Chiefs and worksite information. 

Portal Basics

This is the basics that everyone needs for the portal. ALL coordinators should take the time to watch this. 

All About Crews

This videos walks you through all the ways to assign crews in the Portal

Host Churches

AC/SCs this is for you. Everything you need to know about how to enter your lunch info.

Volunteer Applications

How to work the Construction and Non-Construction Volunteer Applications tabs. CCs this one is for you too!

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