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Birmingham, AL

Updated: May 19

Welcome to the World Changers Project in Birmingham! Below you can find any announcements and the schedule for your project!




1:00-3:00 PM Check In

3:45 PM Welcome Celebration

4:15 PM All Adult Meeting

4:15 PM Spurgeon Spotlight

4:30 PM Construction Volunteer, Crew Encourager, Driver Meeting

5:30 PM Dinner

6:30 PM Gathering/Gospel Engagement

8:30 PM Church Group Devotion

9:00 PM First Crew Chat

9:30 PM Crew Position Training

10:00 PM Free Time

10:30 PM In Rooms

11:00 PM Lights Out

Tuesday – Friday

Adult meetings will be added as needed during the week.

6:45 AM Breakfast

7:30 AM Great Send Off (Tuesday Only)

Dismiss to Ministry Sites

On-Site Personal Devotion

12:00 PM Lunch at Ministry Site / Devotions

3:30-4:30 PM Return to Lodging Site

6:00 PM Dinner

7:00 PM Group Leaders and Staff Meet for Prayer

7:30 PM Evening Gathering

8:30 PM Church Group Devotions

9:30 PM Free Time / Marketplace Open

10:00 PM In Rooms

10:30 PM Lights Out

Friday Evening

7:00 PM Group Leaders and Staff Meet for Prayer

7:30 PM Final Crew Chat

8:00 PM Project Celebration

8:30 PM The Gathering

9:30 PM Church Group Devotions

10:00 PM Free Time / Marketplace Open

11:00 PM In Rooms

11:30 PM Lights Out


6 AM Continental Breakfast

8 AM Depart for Home

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