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volunteer opportunities 

If you are over 21 and attending a World Changers project, we would love to have you be a part what makes World Changers different! There are volunteer opportunities for individuals with all different skill sets. Please read the descriptions below and contact us if you have any further questions!


We appreciate and value all volunteers attending with their registered groups. To show appreciation, World Changers offers a discounted rate to approved and selected individuals serving in the positions of Crew Chief, Supervisor, and First Aid Coordinator. Discounted volunteers will pay a flat rate of $150 (this rate includes the $75 non-refundable deposit). For more information email us at

volunteer positions

Crew Encourager

The Crew Encourager at a construction project serves as an assistant to the Crew Chief, works with the Crew Reporter to ensure accurate evangelism information is gathered and encourages the crew in their ministry tasks. The Crew Encourager position is not discounted, but volunteers will be selected by the Project Coordinator based on applications.

First Aid Coordinator

The First Aid Coordinator provides basic first aid as needed for injured and ill participants at the project. The First Aid Coordinator (FAC) should be trained and certified, at minimum, in basic first aid by a recognized organization like the American Red Cross.

volunteer positions

Crew Chief

A Crew Chief is an adult 21 or older with construction expertise. They are responsible for leading and supervising a crew of 10-12 students and adults to complete their assigned tasks (i.e. painting or re-roofing a home). Crew Chiefs are selected by the Construction Coordinator and assigned to their work site based on their application, skills and ministry sites available.


A Supervisor is selected by the Construction Coordinator, based on submitted applications, to assist in worksite selection and to oversee the actual work of approximately five Crew Chiefs and their worksites. Supervisors typically oversee up to five work sites and crew chiefs. 


A Runner is a volunteer who assists the Construction Coordinator and Supervisors in delivering materials and tools to sites during the project.
NOTE: All Construction Volunteer Applications are reviewed by the Construction Coordinator (CC) over your project. Your CC will contact applicants concerning the status of their application and, if accepted, will provide information about the type of work assigned and the tools needed.

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