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  • What is a construction project?

    World Changers construction projects are mission trips designed specifically for student ministries eager to serve in the capacity of construction missions. World Changers partners with local city agencies and churches to mobilize volunteers needed to help them serve local residents. Participants spend a week serving on crews with students and adults from other churches—completing assignments ranging from painting and roofing to building handicap ramps—all to improve the quality of life for local residents.

  • What is a community project?

    World Changers community projects are locations that offer both non-construction and construction ministry sites for your group to serve. This is ideal for a group with participants with mixed interests, but still have a heart for serving local communities. Group leaders submit a list to our project staff with the ministry site preferences of their students and adults. Church groups may also choose to serve together on a site instead of being on a mixed crew with students and adults from other churches. Non-construction ministry sites may include serving at a food pantry or providing Vacation Bible School for local children.

  • Can I guarantee a spot for all the participants from my church?

    Each project is open on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can add additional registrants as long as there is room available in the project. You are reserving the number of spots and welcome to interchange the specific participants filling those spot.

  • What is the cost of a project?

    5-Day projects: $280 per person
    6-Day projects: $295 per person
    7-Day projects: $309 per person

  • When are payments due?

    On January 15th, a $60 per person deposit is required to secure your spots. This deposit is non-refundable. Final payments are due on May 1st if your project takes place in June, and June 1st if your project take place in July. Contact us for more information on payments.

  • What does the cost cover?

    Lodging (local school or church)
    Meals at project
    Pre-Project Study
    Group Leader Manual & Materials
    T-shirt for each participant
    Secondary accident insurance
    Program materials (booklets, name tags, etc.)
    Experienced staff at the project
    Pre-project planning logistics

  • What does the cost NOT cover?

    Travel to and from project locations
    Gas for the group leader's rental or church vehicles
    Wednesday dinner for the afternoon off of 7 Day projects

  • Will my whole youth group serve together?

    We typically mix and match with youth from other churches to form a ministry crew. We will place at least two participants from a church group together on a crew. If requested in advance church groups can serve together on a crew with just their church group.

  • What are the ages for the projects?

    Minimum Age: We require all students to have at minimum completed the 6th grade. Group Leaders are strongly encouraged to bring only sixth grade students who have already been a part of their youth ministry. Those completing the fifth grade are not old enough to attend a World Changers project.

    We do not allow adults to bring their own children (younger than sixth grade) due to how lodging and ministry sites are assigned

  • What will accommodations be like?

    Lodging facilities are often high schools or local churches where participants usually sleep on the floor, eat in the cafeteria, and worship in the auditorium. Shower facilities are used here or are provided by portable shower units. All participants are required to bring their own bedding i.e. an air mattress or cot and bedding. Depending on the facility groups may be sharing rooms with other groups.

  • How many adults are we required to bring?

    Each church group is required to bring one adult for every five youth (under the age of 18) participants of the same gender. Adults must be 21 years of age or older and must reside in the same room as their youth, assist with activities, and work alongside youth on crews and ministry sites.

  • What are the transportation requirements or policies?

    We require groups to provide transportation the entire week, equal to the number of adults and students in their group. Many groups use church owned or rented vehicles. Your vehicles are used (driven by your church approved drivers) to transport crews to their ministry sites.


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