frequently asked questions


What is a construction project?

World Changers construction projects are mission trips designed specifically for student ministries eager to serve in the capacity of construction missions. World Changers partners with local city agencies and churches to mobilize volunteers needed to help them serve local residents. Participants spend a week serving on crews with students and adults from other churches—completing assignments ranging from painting and roofing to building handicap ramps—all to improve the quality of life for local residents.

What is a community project?

World Changers community projects are locations that offer both non-construction and construction ministry sites for your group to serve. This is ideal for a group with participants with mixed interests, but still have a heart for serving local communities. Group leaders submit a list to our project staff with the ministry site preferences of their students and adults. Church groups may also choose to serve together on a site instead of being on a mixed crew with students and adults from other churches. Non-construction ministry sites may include serving at a food pantry or providing Vacation Bible School for local children.

Can I guarantee a spot for all the participants from my church?

Each project is open on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can add additional registrants as long as there is room available in the project. You are reserving the number of spots and welcome to interchange the specific participants filling those spot.

What are the ages for the projects?

  • Minimum Age: We require all students to have at minimum completed the 6th grade. Group Leaders are strongly encouraged to bring only sixth grade students who have already been a part of their youth ministry. Those completing the fifth grade are not old enough to attend a World Changers project.
  • College Students: Are welcome at all project.
  • We do not allow adults to bring their own children (younger than sixth grade) due to how lodging and ministry sites are assigned

Can I use a World Changers project as an outreach tool to involve un-churched youth or adults in my ministry?

We leave it at the Group Leader's discretion as to what students are ready for World Changers. You know them the best! Our mission is to help participants grow in the gospel and develop mission-minded lifestyles. A project not only requires participants to come ready to work hard and sleep on the floor, but also to share the gospel authentically.

How many adults are we required to bring?

Each church group is required to bring one adult for every five youth (under the age of 18) participants of the same gender. Adults must be 21 years of age or older and must reside in the same room as their youth, assist with activities, and work alongside youth on crews and ministry sites. Adults are not allowed to bring children who are ineligible because of grade level to participate in the project. No private sleeping arrangements or other arrangements are available for sponsors with children or for couples.

What are the transportation requirements or policies?

We require groups to provide transportation the entire week, equal to the number of adults and students in their group. Many groups use church owned or rented vehicles. For construction projects your vehicles are used (driven by your church approved drivers) to transport crews to their ministry sites.

What about large/charter buses?

If you bring a large bus to a project, we require it be available each day for the purpose of transporting crews. Contract bus drivers may stay off site at the expense of the church. If they are staying on site they must be registered as a participant and pay the standard registration fee.

Do you have a list of important deadlines I need to know?

Please reference the Financial FAQ section for a list of important financial deadlines.

If the World Changers location I wanted to attend is already booked to capacity, how can I get on a waiting list?

Please contact us at (850) 347-4601, M-F 10:00-4:00 CT. We will be happy to place your group on our waiting list. As spots open or if no spots will be available at that specific location, we will contact you. While we will do our best to get you into the event you want, we recommend you consider a registering for a second location in case room doesn't open up for your first choice.


What is the cost of a project?

  • 5-Day projects: $280 per person
  • 6-Day projects: $295 per person
  • 7-Day projects: $309 per person

When are payments due?/ What is your registration policy?

  • Before January 15th: You may register your group for World Changers anytime before January 15, 2020 and pay no deposits until January 15th.
  • January 15th: A $60 per person deposit is required to hold each registration and is to be paid on or before January 15th. Any new or additional registration made after January 15th will require an immediate $60 deposit per person. ALL deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be applied toward final balance due.
  • Final payments are due on May 1st if your project takes place in June, and June 1st if your project take place in July. Contact us for more information on payments.

What does the cost cover?

  • Lodging (local school or church)
  • Meals at project
  • Pre-Project Study
  • Group Leader Manual & Materials
  • T-shirt for each participant
  • Secondary accident insurance
  • Program materials (booklets, name tags, etc.)
  • Experienced staff at the project
  • Pre-project planning logistics

What does the cost NOT cover?

  • Travel to and from project locations
  • Gas for the group leader's rental or church vehicles
  • Wednesday dinner for the afternoon off of 7 Day projects

How do I explain the cost/value to my church?

A pre-packaged approach is a worthwhile investment. World Changers promotional videos are available to help you raise support. Many groups make a long-term commitment to raise funds through work projects and church activities. Participants are more willing to pay their own money when they see the difference they can make on a mission project. Churches often set aside budget funds when an informed presentation about the project is made. The key? Start early!

At the Project

What is the dress code for World Changers?

All participants are to dress according to the World Changers dress code. A copy of the dress code is located in the Group Leader Manual.

Will my whole youth group serve together?

For World Changers construction we typically mix and match with youth from other churches to form a ministry crew. We will place at least two participants from a church group together on a crew. If requested in advance church groups can serve together on a crew with just their church group.

What will we being doing?

Your group will be serving the community by working on someone’s home. Most often groups will serve through painting, siding replacement, replacement of windows/doors, interior repairs, wheelchair ramps. Students and adults are equipped and encouraged to build relationships with homeowners and community members in hopes of sharing the gospel.

Do you do any roofs?

Yes, some ministry sites involve crews replacing or repairing roofs. We do require everyone on roofing sites to be over the age of either 16 or 18. The age depends on the state in which we are serving in.

How will groups be divided?

We divide church groups into what are called crews. Each crew is a comprised of students and adults from multiple churches. Your students will have at least one other person from their church serving on the crew with them. A crew has adult leadership (comprised of adults from attending churches) assigned by World Changers staff. If a group leader wishes for their group to stay together as a church group that can be arranged, but must be requested in advance.

How much time is spent on a ministry site?

Approximately eight hours are spent serving on ministry sites. Students will eat lunch at the ministry site most often provided by local churches or a paper bag lunch provided by the caterer.

What does the nightly programming look like at a construction project?

World Changers staff leads the nightly Gathering for all participants. The Gathering includes a time of worship and a speaker teaching on the daily biblical foundations. One Gathering is dedicated to the Concert of Prayer a time set aside for prayer and worship.